Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bruno

I am a senior surgeon and often have residents come in for training. Once a very pretty girl joined and she seemed intelligent and fun. She would stay very close during surgeries during assisting and I didn't know if it was intentional or accidental. We used to text jokes to each other and one day she texted me a rather raunchy joke and I replied with another. Soon we started sharing erotic stories, and the hottest was when she started reading out a first person erotic story to me and asked me to do the same. It was so hot.

Then we swapped a hard disk of erotic films and often would watch them together at different places , while I was traveling and describe what we felt. Till then there wasn't any reference to us as in an erotic relationship. Soon we started watching them in the nude, and would masturbate while watching the movie. This happened over just texting. We would describe what happened to our bodies, and she would ask me if my cock was hard and if there was pre cum and all that.

Soon we started sending each other nude pictures. I thought girls didn't like dick pictures but she demanded them of me, and when I was hard. She sent me nude pictures of her as well. During all this time, we were totally professional at work and never acted as if this happened. But one day, I kissed her and it was the hottest thing ever. She stayed alone and sometimes, I would think of an excuse from my family and would go to her house and fuck like mad people. She didn't like me eating her, but would give me a terrific blow job. I was understandably nervous at this illicit affair, but it was too hot to handle. She used to share her crazy fantasies with me and her previous sexual encounters, and ask about mine too. I have been hard for a long long time with her.

She liked doing it doggy style and it was crazy, with her pet cat trying to bite my ankles. One day we took a Hotel room and made love all night. We also explored the possibility of getting another girl to join us, but by then her residency ended and she had to leave.