Train Treats

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Peachy

I imagine my love and I are on a train journey sitting opposite each other. The train is fairly empty but there is another couple and a single man, sat separately but nearby. The sun is shiny through the window and you can hear and feel the train's movements. I’m wearing a dress with no knickers. I keep revealing my pussy to my love. I start to touch myself. The single man notices and stares, my love knows we have an audience. I pull my dress up and spread my legs on the chairs so my love and the man can see all of me. I’m wet and visibly sticky. The man starts to touch himself. My love gets his hard dick out and also starts to touch himself. The man appreciates this too. The woman from the couple notices and starts to kiss her man. He looks over too at both of us and the man starts to get the woman’s tits out of her bra and squeeze her nipples. He touches her pussy and she touches his dick. Meanwhile I move so I am sitting on top of my love’s dick so that I can see the man touching himself and my love can see the woman and man who have begun to fuck. I ride him until we come all of us, together.