Train Station Spectacle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sylvan

My confession starts in a train station, a well known station in fact, with me sitting in a popular fast food restaurant, alone, waiting to catch a train heading for Valencia. Suddenly, I notice a couple of women two tables in front of me, they are whispering. They are pretty hot, one with short hair, one with long hair, the seem to be foreign. They look at me, they laugh, they whisper. They make me nervous. They kiss, and they kiss again and again while taking turns to look at me. I'm about to blow out my pants and do something with such boner. I know they are only playing with me... But it's okay for me, I kinda like it.

They start to make out in front of me, I feel my dick scrubbing my pants, I can see how one of them has put a hand inside the other's pants... OMFG I'm breaking into sweat. But they stop, then I realize, there's other people around. They collect their things while leaving me there, alone with my hard boner and my nuggets. I see them walking down the hall, I see one of them turn her head, I see her nod that I correctly interpreted as a: "COME, FOLLOW US".

And so, I stand, as fast as I can I get to them, and we all start walking side by side, to the public WC. They go inside first, I look around, nobody's watching so I come in.

Once inside, they grab my arms, they undress me like a little child and make me sit. The short haired one sits on my lap and kisses me, my lips, my ears, my face and my neck while the long haired one starts to undress herself on the back. And then they switch positions, this one does not sit on my lap, this one kneels before me and kisses my legs and starts to suck my cock until the other one comes and joins.

And again they stop. They laugh, look at each other mischievously. I try to stand up but they don't let me. One of them whispers to my ear: "You can just watch. Watch and enjoy". And they leave me sitting with the only possibility to jerk off while they enjoy themselves.