Train Station

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Octopus

Walking through a train station on a hot London night, negoitating the busy crowds on my crutches I spot a woman. She is looking up at the boards intently, holding back her hair with a raised arm, showing her unshaved armpit, unashamed. Her nipples are loose and wide in the heat, visible through her tank top. I want her to look at me. Not to look through me like every other woman does on noticing my crutches. A moment of connection across the busy station. I want to take her back to a small room on a noisy street. I want her to sit on my face as we listen to a record. I want her to lean forward and suck me as she grinds her vagina on my face. We taste each others sweetness when we kiss, she's dripping, so easy to slide into. Its been such a long time since I've felt this, skin on skin and the feeling is heady. Our pubic hair blending together as we thrust looking intently into each others eyes. We cum as the record on the turntable spins. Not on her tits or her face, but into her warmth, together. We smoke and listen to the sounds of the street mixing with the music, tracing each others bodies in the glow from the hot city night.