Touch yourself, you're being watched

A Sexual Fantasy

— By yupyup

I have this fantasy in which my whole apartment is under camera surveillance. I usually like to think that the man I am into at the moment can see everything that is happening in my room. I would therefore take a shower, come out and sit on my bed entirely naked. I would oil my whole body up, imagining him getting closer to the screen he can watch me on. I would gently start to rub my thighs, my breasts, my ribs. He would unzip his pants, while I start touching myself. We would then both have an orgasm, me on my bed, him in front of his computer. As if I didn't know I was filmed, I would simply get up of my bed, get dressed, try out a lot of different outfits, in the expectancy of seeing him at some point in my night out. As I would be about to go, the door would ring. He would be there, shaking, looking like a savage, ready to pounce on me. No questions asked, I would let him kiss me, throw me against the wall and start to touch me while pushing his hard cock against my ass. He would laugh as he felt my very wet underwear and fuck me savagely, pulling my panties down and my dress up.