Tonight's Special

A Sexual Fantasy

— By _pomelo

I had a strange and detailed dream a while back that I can't seem to stop thinking about. I dreamt of a restaurant. A secret, underground restaurant for the rich. The establishment was exclusive, only the most trusted individuals were offered their services. One more thing. This restaurant only served one dish: pussy. Each guest had his or her own private dining chamber, where they would be handed a menu, containing photographs of various women. In this dream I was one of the women on the menu, and I was chosen. I was led down a dark hallway and brought into the dining room of a well dressed, dignified-looking man. I was wearing only a silk bathrobe. As soon as I walked in, the attendants left us alone. I nervously removed the bathrobe. His eyes were fixed on me as I climbed on top of the table, laid back, and spread my legs before him. Then he feasted on me. Eventually we both got so consumed by the act he ended up climbing on top of me, and we finished the deed the old fashioned way, right there on the dining table (which, incidentally, was expected and allowed.) I woke up in a daze, and have since found myself wondering if any place like this really exists...