To Love in Freedom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By La poeta delirante

I'm a genderfluid, polyamorous, and pansexual poet in the body of a woman of 22 years old.

I'm an artist who tends to date artists aswell, painters, musicians, poets. Really caring and sex loving men, that know how to please endlessly, from cunnilingus to anal. Most of them are friends, I am from an island in the Caribbean, I live in the capital, the artistic and culture night life is exquisite, we are in a tropic zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Its the home of lust no matter what time it is. I say there's no specific time for sex, wine and desserts. Oh and weed.

So I have this tremendous fantasy of me naked, masturbating and having countless orgasms (I can come multiple times without being touched). I'm in the workshop of one of my partners, he is a painter, or I could be in the studio of the other partner, he is a musician. I'm in their artistic workplace , where they create all their magnificent artistic works. And I'm just there on the table cumming one, another, and all over again. I come so bad and loud, they smile, and have to stop their work to appreciate me as a piece of art! Being mesmerized, but what they don't know is while I masturbate/cum, next to him I start seeing his friend (who I'm also dating) masturbating next to him.
They make a circle, men of all ages, 58, 54, 38, 27, 22, all artists, all friends and they all fucked me so good, in the present and past. Its like a gang bang fantasy, but they are not raping me! My pleasure is the goal, and they respect that so much that they can't even touch me, and I glow! My skin is glowing! Shining! And while I come and mention their names they all masturbate, I don't know if they can see their friends masturbating, next to them, but if they do, it turns them on! They love to share me, they enjoy loving me in freedom, they are also polyamorous, they see me as a brave, confident woman, and they even respect me as an artist.