Tinder Sunday Fuck

A Sexual Fantasy

— By twizzler10

It's a Sunday, my room mate and I are watching menial things on Netflix and I'm sat there scrolling through Tinder. I match with a guy less than 2KM away who asks me straight up if I want to hook up for a lazy Sunday afternoon session. I'm nervous but go and lie to my room mate that I'm going to the gym to avoid the inevitable questions. I meet him in the local park and awkwardly chat about the basics of each others lives. We start walking back towards what I guess is his house and he makes me a cup of tea. He takes my coat and slowly kisses my shoulder until I am eager to explore the body of this almost stranger. He's generous in making sure that I am pleased just as much as he is and takes his time to tease my sensitive nipples and clit. He mumbles into my groin which makes my eyes roll into my head. There are no niceties and no need for small talk, it's totally primal and oh so erotic. We fuck until we are both finished and I slide off back to my house and my room mate one street away exactly how I left them. Good work out? She asks, 'yeh, wasn't bad.' As my phone pings, another match.