Tinder Reality

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

Swiping, swiping, swiping. We're swiping to find dates, to have sex, to find friends, to find sponsors and business partners. It's only a matter of time before we combine all the platforms available to us together.

In my dream I was swiping photos of beautiful naked women swimming underwater in a pool. Their bodies are beautiful in the water, completely exposed. I click into a profile and suddenly I am there under water in the pool with the woman. We can almost feel each other but not quite. I watch her hair wave in the water and her beautiful breasts.

I swipe right. I enter a new pool with a different beautiful woman. Her hair and curves are different. It feels like I'm actually underwater but I can breathe there. I want to touch her body and find out who she is but the app is only this.

I swipe again wet with lust and admiration. I enter yet another pool and see a new woman at the end of the deep end. She turns and comes toward me. As soon as I'm about to touch her side and supple breast I wake up.

Aqua AR Tinder will come sooner or later.