Tinder Karma

A Sexual Fantasy

— By themediterraneanwitch

A girl and a guy met each other via the internet and there was a connection immediately! They went out for coffee on a hot summer (June) evening.Things were a bit awkward and nothing erotic happened even though they both wanted something more. Since then they only interacted with each other via the social media, exchanged some messages within the month they met and now they like each others photos (the most personal ones, the sexiest ones) and never seen each other again cause they live in different countries. Almost a year later (March) she studies abroad and is still thinking about him. One afternoon she leaves the library and while walking home she thinks she saw him in a taxi. She nods her head and go home. While making herself a drink goes on instagram and watches his photos. She watches his most recent story from an airport. The next day she is drinking her coffee in her favorite cafe by the window and sees him again. He is across the street waiting for the traffic lights. He see her and enters the cafe. They drink their coffee and talk for a long time. She receives a call from her roommate and realises what time it was. She says she has to go and asks when are they gonna meet again, he asks her to go out the next day. She turns and goes away but then she turns again and they kiss. They are feeling that erotic passion. They are heading to her apartment and things are a bit awkward at the begining. They try to make things comfortable, they laugh and then they start kissing, touching each other, they heavy breathing and enjoying their time! He uses his fingers at the beginning, and then he kisses her all over her body! She is offering him a blowjob and he is enjoying it! They have sex in different positions, missionary, cowgirl, while sitting at the edge of the bed.They both took time! At the end he cummed on her medium sized brests and they kiss each other again and he asks to take a photo of her and she says yes and they both take artistic naked photos!