Time zones don't matter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Martin

I am running an on and off blog. Sometimes it is full off stuff and sometimes it is empty, sometimes it's about nature, sometimes it is a bit naughty and explicit. I got in contact with a lady from Canada, she posts similar things like I do and we started a conversation. For sure, one day we started talking about our nude selfies. As we've already known that we like each other, we started to make compliments to one another. And after a while we confessed that we got aroused and had started to touch ourselves. She wanted to see it, so I sent her a pic of myself, hard and long and touching. The answer came immediately and she showed me what she was doing. It drove me crazy. After some more exchange of naughty words and hot pics we both climaxed, luckily at the same time. That was the start of an internet affair I never thought it would be possible. Every now and then we ask each other if it is possible, spontaneous, whenever we want, respectively can. We do at work during lunch break in the restroom, at home in bed and once in a while outdoors. Five hours time gap are nothing. Smartphones, a messenger, some pics and on and off a video chat made our year, till now.