Tie me up! A Shibari Documentary

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SlavetoMistressAmber

The Shibari class has left and all of the built up tension I've been feeling is about to be released. The rope creaks slightly as I unconsciously shift my weight. She has tied me so that I'm totally exposed, hands behind my back, my ankles tied. My cock is so swollen, I'm aching for her, she's naked and as she continues to tie me her soft dark hair brushes against my skin and I am covered in goosebumps. I want to be in her hands, I want her to watch me squirm. She is finished and admires her work, hands tracing the rope and my skin until her fingers come to rest on my cock and she squeezes ever so slightly. It is so hard, from being constricted by rope and through unbearable desire. She bends down and slides it between her lips and I groan loudly, wet tongue and soft lips driving me crazy. I shut my eyes and the more she suckles the more I want to thrust forwards, but I am tied so strongly that I cannot move a centimeter. She stands and kisses me, a slow, gentle kiss, and then places one of her nipples in my mouth, holding the back of my head and moaning. I suck and nibble and lick, totally at her mercy but more aroused than I've ever been. She stands and thrusts her hand into my mouth, covering it in spit, and then puts her hand between her legs, making herself wet. She moves onto all fours in front of me, and reaches behind her to push the end of my cock into her pussy. I am desperate to thrust inside of her, but she is slow, moving backwards and forwards gently so that only the tip of me is inside, until gradually she speeds up, and more and more of my throbbing, aching hard-on is moving inside her until she is fucking herself against me and I can feel the end of my cock touching her cervix as she groans and screams. I am losing all control, shouting like an animal, pulling against my restraints so hard I feel like my skin will break and she is moving faster and faster until finally I feel it, she starts to buck and tremble and I am soaked in her juices. She screams and stops, and I am left, so close to the edge, desperate for more