A thousand holes, not one string attached

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Hi, recently I had sex with my sister-in-law, and I will tell you now how this all happened...She was left by her boyfriend, with 3 children to raise, and no time for herself, let alone time for sex!
Since she is an adorable woman, it surprised me that she never found a new lover. Lately, I discussed this matter with my wife, and said that I would be proud to be the lover of her, that she deserved a good sex life!
When she asked me, would you like to do her, I said, jokingly, If you make the arrangements I will be happy and proud to fulfill all her sexual needs! A few days later, my wife gave me an anvelope with a hotel key-card and an address. When I entered the room, she was allready there, waiting for me, allready naked under the silk sheets. I took a quick shower, cleaned my dick thoroughly, and went into bed with her.
She was a little uncertain about the fact that she wasn't shaved down there, but I said that it was a big turn-on for me, and started licking her hairy pussy. She then became very wet and when I licked her butthole, she had a fierce orgasm. After that, I put on a condom, and fucked her with slow, deep thrusts. Soon, she reached her second orgasm.
Then, she wanted to suck my cock, so I removed the condom, and she started licking it like a big ice-cream. I went down on her again, with my cock in her mouth, and licked her pussy and butt again. Her butthole opened up a little, and carefully I pushed my moist finger in her. When she had her first anal orgasm, I came in her mouth, and she swallowed all I squirted in her. Later, when my penis was erect again, she asked if I liked it to do her in her ass, so I put on a new condom, and filled her up really careful and slowly. Later, when she became used to it, I sped up, and after a few minutes we reached orgasm together.
Now, we meet once a month, and I give her what she wants...