This Place I Go

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sweetness and Light

There is this place I always go to when I am feeling deep sedated urges.
Its a big room, with one wall. The walls, ceiling, floor and pillars are all big black matte tiles with black grout in between. It gives the space a contemporary, blank slate feeling. There are areas of the ceiling where warm water falls like heavy rain. No shower heads, just falling rain. There are floor to ceiling square pillars with different waters coming forth from the sides of them. Mist. Streams of water. High and low water pressure. In the center of the room there is a circular bed with a circular rain spout above.
I mentioned one wall - three open sides or two if my room is triangular. Out there are dark, green, broad leaves and ferns and trees, thick jungle. The songs of beautiful birds are pervasive, but Sade is playing through invisible speakers. This is the place I go to make love. We are wet standing up. Warm. Kissing.
Then we get wet lying down. Everything is warm and the air is thick with humidity, so it's required to pay attention to you breathing.
All types of slow, deep love is made here. This is the only place I want to be on top, so that I can feel the rain run down my body. I'm being ravished... I am ravishing.
The light is so important.
Soft and yellow. Sparingly used and placed.
You know the rest...