This is the future of sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Loveforever

I've already written once before about the guy on the cam site where I've been spending time. The sexy Colombian guy with the huge cock, toned body, and the most gorgeous long hair. He is beautiful. I live in the UK, and because of the time difference I keep staying up late to watch his show. We often chat about our lives, not just sexual stuff. He blows kisses at the camera, and jokingly tells me he loves me.

I've had so many fantasies about what would happen if we met up, if he flew over to a European city for some kind of event, or if by some random chance our paths would meet. But deep down, we both know the chances of this happening are basically zero.

But something happened. I bought a new sex toy, the best one I've ever had. Not only is it highly powerful, but it can also be connected to your phone by Bluetooth. And then, by way of a phone app, you can give permission to any person of your choice. Permission to remotely control your toy. Any person, in any city, in any country, on any continent.

So one day, during a private show, we did it. I gave him permission to control my toy, and at the same time I made a voice call so he could hear me. He looked right into the camera and said "I'm gonna make you come". Then he played with me. Making different vibration patterns with the toy, turning the intensity up and down, sometimes turning it off altogether and leaving me begging for more. We'd been talking about it for a while and I couldn't believe it was actually happening. "This is the future of sex", he said. It was so intense, I came three times.

By the wonders of technology, someone I've never met in person gave me orgasms from 5000 miles away.