A Sexual Fantasy

— By the golden witch

One night when we were out. Hubby and I were constantly flirting with each other. Touching his penis and him touching my panties. We were a bit tipsy when we went home. In the elevator he was eating me through my panties. I had to pee very bad. When he was eating me I let some pee go in his mouth. He stopped eating me. I was afraid that I had gone too far. The next thing the elevator opened and he lifted me up and opened our home door. He carried me straight to the bedroom, threw me on the bed. Undressed me and himself. He did not speak a word. And then he lifted up and sat me down on his face. And started eating me heavily and told me to let go. I peed in his mouth and he drank it all. I had the biggest orgasm ever. The next morning we could not believe what happened last night. Something I have to urge to let my pee go when he is going down on me. But I don't dare.