Theatre Tease

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jayelle

I've always been so turned on by the old porn theatres. The ones that were a little sketchy and who knew who was doing what in the back rows. Okay, you know exactly what everyone was doing; but the idea of experiencing private pleasure communally in such a public place is truly thrilling to me. In my fantasies, I spend hours bathing and grooming and picking out an outfit: the perfect pleated short skirt that swishes along the top of my thighs and stay-up stockings that you can just see the top of when I walk with a low-cut silk top showing off my nipples, with a tasteful wool coat over top that makes you wonder if I'm dressed to tantalize or if you're just imagining it.

My hair perfectly coiffed and my lipstick expertly applied, I arrive at the show 5 minutes in to make sure everyone can see me and the outline of my bare ass cheeks under my skirt as I walk up to the front of the theatre. I slyly take in the erections in the laps of the men who line the aisles and the way they stiffen further with my presence. I slide into my seat in the front row, knowing very well that everyone's eyes are on my back and they're intrigued and turned on by my presence. I cross my legs demurely, remove my coat, and put on a pair of smart reading glasses and pointedly study the screen. After about 10 minutes, I turn around and bend over to "look for something in my coat pocket", not so subtly flashing everyone a peek at my swinging breasts hanging loose in my silk top.

When I retrieve whatever it was, I sit back down and spread my legs open wide. It's obvious what was in my coat pocket was a vibrator, as the buzzes begin filling the theatre as I toy my clit and run the vibe along my lips and the opening to my pussy. I start to quietly gasp and moan and reach my hand to the back of my seat to steady myself. I love knowing everyone can hear me, see me, smell me pleasuring myself. I come and pack my things, put on my coat and walk out. Nobody I pass on the way out has a hard on any longer.