The Way We Do It in Sweden

A Sexual Fantasy

— By toshi

Each culture has different approach to sex especially when it comes to casual sex.
Moving from Japan to Sweden it became very apparent. This fantasy is based on almost true story.

One night I was out in a club with friends. Then I realise I keep meeting eyes quite often with one girl with elegant but slightly sexy dress. Gradually we got closer and then she was beside me. I gathered my courage and said 'hi I am Toshi nice to meet you' and shook hands with her. She also introduced herself but of course with the loud music I did not hear anything. After awhile dancing beside each other she looked slightly frustrated then next moment she grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips... by then none of my friends were anywhere in my sight.
After a passionate kissing session in the middle of the club (where nobody really cared what we were doing..) she grabbed my hand and headed to the exit of the club and I realised where my night was heading to. We quickly figured out my place was closer than hers so we headed to my place. My apartment was a bachelors apartment where the king size bed is conveniently located by the entrance, so as soon as we entered my apartment she pushed me onto the bed. My penis was already at full hardness with the anticipation of what was about to happen. She undid my pants to find it and she said 'nice!'. The next moment what I really did not expect to happen, happened. She get on top, slid her panties aside a little, grabbed my penis and put it in her vagina. All I could do was to see this beautiful girl with a beautiful dress riding me and enjoying it. After she came she said 'oh this is what I needed!!' and quickly undressed herself and curled into bed and fell asleep. I picked up the dress and hung it up and also went to sleep beside her.

Next morning when we woke up, she apologetically asked 'I hope it was ok...'. Then I answered 'yes it was bit surprising but I enjoyed it'. Then she said 'I guess this is the way we do it in Sweden!'