The Voyeur's Witness

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Porn taster

In my fantasy, I'm walking by an abandoned area when all of the sudden I spot some filming taking place off in the distance. 2 naked individuals being filmed by a crew while having sex. I get so excited and I hide behind an abandoned car and begin to voyeur. As the action gets hotter, I put my hand down my pants and begin to touch my self. At one point when I'm lost in the pleasure, I'm caught by one of the performers and tells the director, who then calls me over. I'm timid but I decide to walk over. Once there, the director asks, Do you want a closer look? I respond yes. The director then hands me a chair and I sit and watch the action up front. The director then says that in exchange for allowing me to sit this close, I would be expected to provide feedback on what I'm watching. Sort of like a porn taster. I happily oblige. As I watch, the director offers me lubrication and wipes, saying I can have fun if I want to. She reassures me that it's a non-judgmental environment. As the performance reaches climax so do I. I cum in partial embarrassment due to being around strangers, but that enhances my orgasm and my ejaculation is bountiful. After filming wraps, I tell the director that the performance was wonderful and I'm very grateful for the chance to watch up close. She thanks me for the feedback. She then confesses to me that she was filming me as I watched and played with myself. She says that she would love to include that footage of me, and I would transform the plot of the film, but that she would respect my decision if I decline and she would give me the footage and no one would ever see it. I decide to change the plot.