The Trichophilia Apogee

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wallywest666

I have a hair fetish for as long as I know. The first time I was turned on, I probably looked at girls hair. And I don't really know why. All I know is that the feeling of silky long hair on my skin or on my private parts is just beyond this world. Anyway, I have this fantasy for a while now. And it trills me and scares me at the same time. I imagine a girl (my girl, the girl I would love) and she would have really long hair. Like waist or even longer. And I would start kissing her. Her lips, her neck, her hair. I would brush her hair slowly. It would be like a foreplay for me. First with a hairbrush, then with my fingers. Each stroke would be followed with a kiss. I want it to be gentle. Loving. Caring. I would probably be hard as soon as I touched her hair, but I would keep kissing her. I would want her to be satisfied too. Slowly undressing her, kissing every part of her body. I imagine her running her hair over my naked body. I want to feel it on my face, on my skin, on my penis. She would wrap her hair all around my penis. Slowly jerking me with her hair. I would want to feel softness, silkyness, smell of her hair. She would ride me after that. I would run my fingers all over her body. Make her feel loved. Make her feel good. I would feel her hair on my skin. On my hands, my face, my chest, in my mouth. I would feel her hair all over my body while we make love. And after everything she would jerk me with her hair again, until I cum. Then we would go to the bathroom together so I can wash her hair for her.
And it frightens me because I don't know if I'll ever find a girl who would do these kind of things with me. But that's my all time fantasy.