The Tease

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Paul

She was an ebony beauty who happened to be my next door neighbor. She had a pretty smile and a great body. Our first date was memorable and our first sexual encounter was magical but the following day got a bit more interesting.
I was getting dressed for work and watched the TV for the weather report when she came out from the bedroom wearing one of my long sleeved dress shirts. After kissing me good morning she curled up on the couch getting my undivided attention. I tried finishing dressing up but she loosened up the shirt showing off one bare shoulder and licking it. She caressed her legs and feet and rubbed her tits. All I could do was stand there getting a rise out of her.
Once she got up from the couch and took off the shirt, showing all her nakedness, it was enough to get me undressed again. Our second encounter was just as good as our first.