The Strongwoman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nutty

I have this thing with my partner - we love to fight. Physically, playfully... Sometimes it starts with a pillow fight, sometimes we cover our bodies in a massage gel and wrestle on the pile of towels. The rules are simple: the stronger fighter, or "winner", gets it their way at the end. It's not about the physical strength, though. It's about how much you want it, how big is your desire to win? I like the way we look afterwards - sweaty, messy hair, some occasional bruises or light scratches.
This time it was the same. I started with gently pushing my partner when we sat on the couch. Then I sat on them and started tickling. It's one of the activities they hate and love at the same time. They were trying to get themselves out of the situation by flipping me over and holding me close to the ground, attempting to tickle me back. But on this occasion I was stronger. I wrapped myself around them and nailed them to the floor. Then I held their hands above their head, grinding on their belly when they wiggled with their legs trying to throw me off. It was like riding a mechanical bull in a swanky bar but this bull was much more alive and much more prone to give me pleasure at the end.
So just like they were a conquered rodeo bull, I flipped my partner onto their belly and sat on their buttocks still grinding my hips, getting wet and aroused with the power I had over them. I calmed my bull down by starting to stroke their genitals and their P-spot. It seemed to work, at least for a short while. The seemingly aroused bull kicked off again. Now they were physically dominating me. Even though my pussy was ready for some action, they held my legs together so nothing could come in touch with my vulva. I knew that if I wanted to experience pleasure, I needed to fight for it. So I managed to free myself from the embraces of my partner, pin them down and sit on their face, grinding a little, leaving them just enough room to grasp for air.
And so I rode my bull gloriously straight to climax.