The Stranger Danger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Goodmourning2u

I know the type of men my wife finds attractive. She has described them to me, in detail. Because I know this, I sometimes fantasize about watching her with another man while I watch them. She would pick him out and seduce him back to our home. Once there, the true nature of this evening will be revealed. I would watch them as foreplay commenced. I would watch as they touched and caressed each other. They would quietly and expertly undress each other as he licked his fingers and began playing with her pussy. I can feel myself getting hard just thinking about it. After tasting herself off his fingers, she would begin stroking and playing with his rock hard dick, eventually lowering to her knees and taking him into her wet, warm mouth. I watch as she reaches down and plays with her pussy for me, while sucking him off. I can't resist the temptation, I unzip my pants and pull out my dick to start stroking it. She sees me do this and climbs on top of him. While looking back at me, she slaps his dick against her pussy. As my speed increases, she slowly slides onto his cock and begins riding him. She is moaning louder and louder as she can see me getting closer and closer. Finally she cums and soon I follow suit. The man has yet to cum, so my wife keeps riding him until he pops. She let him cum onto her tits as she moans and massages his balls. After everyone is spent, we walk him to the door, thank him and run back to the bedroom to go for round 2.