The Second Night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By WallE16

The night we met, the sex lasted 3 hours. His is the biggest cock I had ever seen. He was tender, but assertive and the sex was athletic. He'd undressed me from behind, kissing my neck and grabbing desperately at my breasts and my ass. We fucked like he was coming home from war. It was incredible.

That first night was undeniably good, but our best sex came the second night. I'd hardly been able to work that day - hardly able to sit, hardly able to walk, too tired to work, to distracted to focus. I couldn't wait to be with him again. After dinner, we laid on his bed. He kissed me so gently, running his hands down between my legs, teasing me so softly until his fingers were soaking wet. We pulled off our pants and I wrapped my legs around him. He was so careful, pressing his huge cock ever so slowly into me, looking intensely into my face. I inhaled sharply and pulled away, unsure I could take him again. But he soothed me, shushed me, promised to be slow. He kissed me deeply, pressing himself further into me, moving slowly but forcefully.

I gave in to everything he did that night. He seemed to know exactly how I needed to be touched, exactly how to to turn me on, exactly how to bring me over the edge again and again.

The first night was incredible. But the second night was unforgettable.