The Red Bathroom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amber Reid

It was a hot summer night in Barcelona when me and a group of girls reunited to do pre-drinks at Helen’s house. She was an exchange student from Shanghai who was finishing her thesis and it was the eve of her birthday.

I’m not sure how I met Helen, but there I was, as an exchange student myself, from Florida.

We were a diverse group from different parts of the world, interchanging stories about our past relationships with boys and each one of us took turns to talk about our weird, funny or hot interaction with past lovers or fuck buddies we’ve had.

The bottles kept passing by on each other’s hands as we kept happily drinking and storytelling, when suddenly Dana, a friend of a friend arrive with what she called “her tinder date” a beautiful northern European, blonde girl with incredible blue eyes. She quickly joined the conversations and as we all were getting ready to leave the apartment. The idea was for all of us to be hitting the nearest, trendiest club.

As we were all kind of tipsy but very happy to be all in a great mood, we started walking by the beautiful streets of the Gothic Quarter, dancing and chatting and being ourselves. Just a group of girls having fun.

Prior to getting into the club we made a quick stop at a fountain in the middle of a big beautiful plaza and that’s when Freja, “Dana’s date” approached me for the first time. She leaned forward towards me asking me where was I from, soon enough her deep blue eyes captivated me, but I knew she was with someone else, and I didn’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable.

The time came and we entered the club, the music was loud and we were all happy dancing and rapidly flirty with single cute boys, who came almost running toward us. As a big group of girls we tried to protect each other, but after a few more rounds at the bar, everyone was doing pretty much anything they liked and dancing with whoever they wanted.

At some point I spotted Dana dancing, flirting and kissing other girls, I looked around to see if I could spot Freja, but I couldn’t find her. Eventually it was her who found me.

Freja came from behind, she grabbed my torso and started nibbling my left shoulder, I smiled, I knew this was trouble, I never expected she could do this and to be honest I was a bit mortified my other friends could see me with another girl. But soon enough everything dissipated and Freja and I were kissing in the middle of the dance floor.

We were dancing in a very sensual way and she was turning me on completely, she was biting me and forcing herself on me, I kept dancing with her until the whole world disappeared and it was just Freja and me, moving our bodies in a very explicit way, touching each other and kissing intensively. people were starring at us and so were our friends and curious boys, we didn't care.

My whole body started to feel very aroused and I could not stop myself or leave the situation I was already in, it was too hot to handle and it was a subtle invitation to devour her.

I took Freja by the hand and told her to follow me to the ladies bathroom, she accepted my invitation and we walked over hand in hand as a sign of complicity and absolute bliss for what was about to happen next.

The bathroom was empty and we quickly came into a stall, I closed the door, pushed her to the wall and started kissing her with passion and desire.

She started unbuttoning her dress quickly as I moved my hand back and forth around her cunt, still with her panties on, I could tell she was wet and she was ready for me to penetrate her with my fingers, I went down on her and licked her panties, she moaned in complete ecstasy.

You see, I always had this fantasy, where I take a girl in a dirty bathroom stall at a random bar, and I was never able to do so. This was the perfect timing to fulfil my dirtiest desires and I was ready for it.

Slowly I put her panties to the side and her pussy was waxed and wet, I loved the way she kept her hand on my head while I was licking her and giving her so much pleasure, she was not resisting her own desires and I was having an orgasm by just eating her and tasting her delicious juices all over my mouth and tongue. I felt this was the time to penetrate her and have her. It was the time she wanted me to fuck her. I stand in front of her, she smiles and looks at me with complete awe, I touch her and then penetrate her with my fingers, she moans as I keep going further inside of her and feeling her wetness all over my hand. It was pretty clear to me this was going to be one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me and perhaps one of the most adventurous and daring.

Freja came in my hand and it was something I will never forget, her taste, her cum in my hand, her moaning, those kisses. I had an orgasm just to make her cum and I never experienced such a thing in my life.

We quickly left the bathroom stall laughing and looking at each other's eyes throughout the neon club lights, we sat down and grabbed a drink at the bar together, she disappeared a few minutes later, without saying goodbye.
I don't have her number and I don't know her true name.

I will never forget Freja and I don't think she will ever forget me.