The Reading Club

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Since the pandemic began, I've had a lot of spare time on my hands. After a few weeks of Netflixing I became utterly bored. Working from home became more and more of a prison, of which I owned the keys. Then I received this e-mail from a girlfriend. She was setting up an online ladies' reading club! I instantly fell for the idea and joined directly. After reading and discussing some hefty novels about various subjects all 5 members of the club decided that our next book should contain some poetry, and one of the other members came up with the idea to read some EROTIC poetry! and since some of us had to keep in strict quarantine and could not interact with our lovers, we decided to read the erotic poetry of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, an Brazilian poet and writer. Since we could read his arousing poetry in the privacy of our own homes/bedrooms, I felt free to masturbate to some of his erotic poems! We read "O Amor Natural", which he wrote when he was already in his 80's, but was very well acclaimed when published after his death. One of his poems, about making love in the shower, goes like this (in Dutch): Onder de douche beminnen, Zeep en kussen, of in bad, beiden gekleed in water, glibberende liefde, glippend, grijpend, wijkend, water in de ogen, monden, dansen, varen, duiken, regenen, dat schuim op onze buiken, en de driehoek van schaamhaar wit- van water, sperma, liefdes loop, of zijn wij bron geworden? After reading this, I took a long, hot shower with lots of soap, caressing all my bodily orifices all over and over, until I came, reciting his poem out loud. Later, in our little reading club, I confessed that I had masturbated to some of his poems, and after that the four other ladies recited their favourite poem, and confessed what it did to them... Who ever said that reading was boring?