The Queen of Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sericea

I've always had this fantasy of being treated like a queen... I can imagine myself sitting on a throne, surrounded by barely dressed men and women, eager to please me and ready to do my bidding.
As I order some of them to undress me, others worship me from below, caressing my feet, stroking my legs. As I get more aroused, they receive more orders. Some will start to stroke my body while others play with my breasts.
My favorite lover will be allowed to French kiss me, no others can. I will sit down on my lovers cock in the chair and ride him backwards as he kisses my neck and holds it firmly, while the others are performing cunnilingus and still pleasuring my body all-over. They're allowed to enjoy each other as well, as long as the main focus is on my pleasure. So, as my pussy gets fucked and licked, the licker may get taken from behind. The people kissing and fondling my breasts are enjoying oral sex being given to them, or maybe getting fucked hard as well. All around me are moaning people, and sweaty, pulsating bodies.
Some will be tied up, if that pleases them. Some may be spanked, while others are being used as human furniture to comfort me.
I'll sit down on my lovers face and feel his body writhe with pleasure as another girl sucks his dick and all he sees, smells and feels are my soft pussy and thighs and her wet mouth and swirling tongue. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying sucking on a cock, that always gets my pussy even wetter than it already was! I'm dripping my pussy fluids all over my lover's face, drenching his beard and mustache.
The receiver of my blowjob is being treated to some very nice ass worshiping with someone's tongue, teeth, hands and lips. I can feel his arousal as he's holding my head, nearly exploding with pleasure.
When I reach my climax and paint my lover's face with my delicious cum, I will lick it all off and clean his face thoroughly. Then he is allowed to cum in the other girl's mouth and afterwards the other man is allowed to cum over me. At last, we will pleasure all the others to climax.