The Pleasure I Deserve

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bambolina

At your age you could be my father and, in a certain way, you are. You are so caring and protective with me. I will always be your little doll, no matter how old I grow.

And now you're taking care of me, as usual, in a sensual but tender manner. You touch my skin like as if I were the most delicate of flowers and you respect me as if I were a sacred goddess. Then you slowly distribute your kisses over my nipples, my belly and my legs until you reach the most sensitive part of me: my clitoris, while my pussy prepares for your gentle assault by becoming more and more wet...

It's really important to you to give me the pleasure I deserve. I learnt from your experience that sex is not all about male pleasure, but I deserve too to get all of your attention and a mind blowing orgasm thanks to your sweet touch.

And right now, the pleasure is all mine. My body starts to melt under the hypnosis of orgasm...