The Piss-baptism

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jaja

My wife comes home with the children. I am home already. I made her fresh lemonade. Everybody drinks. We eat. We put the children to bed.
Once back downstairs, we start to relax, reading a magazine, drinking some wine.
I see an ad of a woman in lingerie. My wife asks if I like her body. I kiss the picture and say she tastes good. We start making love.
While having sex, my wife drinks what is left of the lemonade, spilling it on her and my clothes.

The sex gets wilder.
I lick her, while she looks at me. She holds and pushes both my hands against the seat, holding her vagina above my head, looks at me and questions me with her look; if she can piss on me.

She lets it flow, and I masturbate firmly while I am getting soaked and the pee is running over my face, my hair, my body. I ejaculate while she is finishing her pee...
We laugh, take a shower, clean, lick again and play a bit and go to bed finally clean, reborn and 'baptised'