The Perfect Set

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lady_lingerie

I love dressing up in lingerie, lingerie just makes me feel so powerful and sexy. I love going out to find that perfect set, the set that I like so much it makes me practically run home to try it on and walk around the house in it lol. My husband fuels my lingerie addiction even more because he loves seeing me dress up. He says that I just radiate with confidence when I’m in an outfit I feel good in and that it’s so hot. I’d say this is a pretty accurate description because I do feel really confident, I also love to tease him. I love feeling his cock grow big and hard as I grind on him. I’ll often tease him with my feet through my stocking and my gloved hands (if I have on gloves) while he tells me how much he likes me in my outfit. Once we’re both worked up enough we’ll make super passionate love to each other until we both cum at least once. If my panties are still on (which they sometimes are) I’ll let him cum inside me and pull them back over from the side to save ourselves the clean up lol. Plus if I’m being honest, it’s kind of hot feeling his hot cum inside me.