It happened in the penthouse

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I met him on an party, and fell for him on first sight. After, we went to his apartment, a penthouse in Manhattan, covering the whole top floor of the building. There, he asked me to walk around in it... Naked! After a moment of doubt, I took off my dress and lingerie, and walked towards the big windows, going from floor to ceiling. There I enjoyed the view of the skyline, while he enjoyed looking at me... He got undressed too, and walked naked to the bar, pouring two glasses of red wine. When he walked to me, to bring me my wine, I saw his erection grow, and he had a full hard-on when he reached me. When he gave me my wine, our hands touched for a moment, and I could feel the spark jump over. Soon, we forgot all about the wine, and started kissing and touching each other. When I touched his penis, I noticed how thick it was, my hand hardly fitted around it! His hand stroked through my thick patch of pubic hair, and fingered me with two fingers in my wet pussy. I fell on my knees, and tried to put his cock in my mouth, but it was to thick. He pulled me up again, and pushed my naked body against the window, my full breasts flattened against it, and penetrated me from behind. There we stood, visible for anyone who would look up to the top floor,his cock fucking me really hard, stretching my pussy to the max... I fell on my knees, and felt his cock sliding out of my wet pussy. When he tried to put it back in, it slid in the wrong direction, and he penetrated my ass in one big thrust. He just went on thrusting in me, going for the grand finale... And then, IT happened, I reached my first anal orgasm! A few moments later, he pulled out, squirting his semen al over my tight buttocks. We just laid there by the window, both gasping for air after this special exercise, kissing and fondling each others genitals... Later, he brought me home, I can't wait for our next date!