The Panty Dropper

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jeannie_HW4

Walking from the elevator to the front desk I noticed her standing with her luggage. I greeted Ashley and asked her how her trip had been. I and 100 + others were here for a three-day seminar. She looked glad to see me but seemed bothered. Pressing her and she told me how the hotel was overbooked and that they were trying to make some other arrangements. I interrupted and insisted she shared my room. I had a two room suite upgrade, a benefit of many years of travel rewards, and this woman had always been interesting to me. “Come on, it will be fun, or at the very least, convenient”.
Moving her in we decided to catch a cocktail at the hotel bar. On the way I proclaimed that years ago women traveling for business had basically two choices. Hold up in your room or become “one of the guys” spending the entire time deflecting (or not) come-ons and sexual innuendos from horny, and mostly married men. We sat at the bar and enjoyed the quick wit of a bartender that insisted he could mix our troubles away. Serving us his rum based specialty drink. “They sneak up on you, and are also a real panty-dropper”. Laughing at that, he asked us if we were a couple. “No, just here together on business” Ashley said, in a sexy questioning way. I felt the flutter of arousal.
Later back in the hotel room to grab our jackets to walk to dinner we were surprised to find the manager had left us a note of apology along with a bottle of wine and cheese tray. “Who needs dinner when there is wine and treats” We proceeded to get comfortable and I opened the wine. When Ashley next appeared she was partially dressed dangling a pair of purple panties from one finger. “They just fell off?” I said, smiling “maybe we should move this party into the bedroom.” She was so cute as she clutched her panties to her chest and said “thought you would never ask”. The next three evenings were spent sipping wine, sexy stories, and getting to know each others bodies.