The Oxford Affair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rumba Fan

The Oxford Affair

I’m a student of English literature and living in a small flat in Oxford. My neighbourhood is quiet and square, just the typical suburban lifestyle… at least I thought so. There’s this handsome boy from across the street to whom I used to talk from time to time on the bus. One afternoon, when I had forgotten my key in the flat and was waiting for the caretaker to open it, he offered me a cup of coffee as a pastime. When our conversation had overcome the usual small talk, he suddenly revealed to me an amazing fact about his person: that he’s a porn star! I didn’t know how to react as I was shocked and fascinated at the same time. I found it quite astonishing that he was talking about his profession so openly, so I started asking questions about his job. Somehow, it turned me on…

Back home, I switched on the computer and searched for a film with him. Successfully! Although I had never masturbated to porn before, I immediately let my hand slide into my panties and started stroking my wet pussy when I saw this guy licking a hot, black-haired cutie. It felt so weird that I had been drinking coffee with this lusty lad just a few minutes ago. While the woman in the video was giving my neighbour a blowjob, I moved from the office chair to the sofa and took off my underwear. I got so horny seeing the aroused expression on his face. As he began to fuck the woman voluptuously, I couldn’t help inserting my finger into my tiny cooch. I imagined being the girl in the movie and how my neighbor’s penis penetrated my vagina. The following ten minutes I was captivated by a mixture of lust, arousal and imagination. With every minute watching this tasteful sexual act, my passion grew stronger, ending up an intense and overwhelming orgasm as my neighbour simultaneously splattered his sperm over the woman’s breasts.

Since that moment, I’ve been treating myself every evening enjoying various sex scenes with the boy next door. I’m not sure whether I’d like to fuck him in real life but in my fantasy he gives me the greatest pleasure by pleasing those beautiful women, always hungry for passionate sex.