The Office

A Sexual Fantasy

— By alexdiostia

Lisa is sitting at her desk, in the office open space. This is a hot summer afternoon.

She can't focus on her job, looking regularly at the mechanical clock on the wall counting every second noisily.

After a short while, the time seems to freeze: the second hand of the clock slows down and stops. Nothing moves anymore in the office, except Lisa.

Without hesitation, as if the next action was obvious, she takes a few masks from her drawer. She walks slowly through the office, and stops by 4 male colleagues.

After touching each of them on the shoulders, and dropping them a mask, they start to animate, following her one after the other, and dropping their clothes while they follow her, ghostly.

She stops after turning in a circle, hence positioning each of the male colleagues in a closed circle, shoulder to shoulder and facing outwards, wearing on their respective mask.

Lisa starts walking around the circle, slowly, touching each of the men body parts, and dicks specifically; sometimes a soft touch, sometimes taking a few seconds to holds the balls in her hand. At every round, the dicks start getting harder and harder. They don't move at all. Only their dicks animate. Lisa is warming up as well, feeling more and more excited.

She then pulls up her skirt, removes her underwear, and presses herself against one of the guys, holding his shoulders.

Now she's really hot. The men still standing in circle.

She stops at another one, this time giving her back to the guy, holding his dick in between her butt, moving up and down, while touching her own sex.

At the next man, she finishes him with her hand frenetically, until he comes like a fountain on the floor.

Then the wall clock starts spinning again, as she moves back to her desk. At the same time the guys go back to their desks, putting on their clothes back and removing the masks. Once everyone's sat, the office becomes noisy again and animates as usual. As if nothing had happened.