The neighbor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By alitje

It's daytime and she lies in bed, alone. She has big windows in her bedroom and the curtains are wide open. She listens to the cars and to the sounds of the city and gets a content feeling about being in bed all by herself. She starts touching herself, thinking about how it would feel if a man would be here with her now, fucking her.

He lives across the streat, in the flat vis-a-vis. He was sitting at his desk in his homeoffice, gazing out of his window, letting him get distracted from work. His gaze wanders from window to window as he stops. He is looking closer as he realizes that his neighbor is touching herself in the window across the street. He can't stop looking at her, how heavy she breathes and how she turns in bed. Her eyes are closed and it seems like her thoughts really catches her mind and body. He opens his trousers, still sitting at the desk, gets his dick out and starts masturbating.

She stops as she hears the doorbell ring. Who could that be? She opens the door and there he stands. As if he would be a fata morgana from her dreams. He wears a jeans and a white t-shirt, he is very fit. She wears just an oversized tshirt. He leans towards her, grabbing her face gently and whispers in her ear if she needs a little bit of help with something. She still doesn't know whats happening but she just goes with it. He grabs her and while they are kissing each other heavily they go to her bedroom. Now he whispers in her ear that he watched her from the window across. She was shocked but also really turned on by the thought. They started doing everything she dreamed about 10 minutes before. They fucked so hard so all the other neighbors could see and hear them.