The Meeting

A Sexual Fantasy

— By yashsoni

We were married for 2 years and I was fantasizing about my wife having sex with some stranger in front of me. So I started to induce these types of feelings inside her and one day I shared my feelings about what I want her to do. I started searching for some stranger who can help us out with this.

I found several men looking for the same thing and some of them have shared their phone numbers and were willing to do this. I called one of those. We introduced each other, and it turned out that the guy was from the same city as me and I told him how I got his number and what I want. He asked me to show him my wife's pictures and I emailed him one photo - he instantly agreed.
My wife was still suspicious but got aroused by the imagination, too. She wanted to talk with the guy on the phone first.

After the first call my wife relaxed more and more and started looking forward to meeting the stranger. We booked a hotel for the sunday morning and planned to meet for the whole day and that guy and my wife agreed on the fact that this is their first and last meeting.

We reached the hotel at 9 am in the morning and that guy joined us as a guest at 10 am. First thing he did on arrival was hugging my wife and starting to kiss her intensely. His hands began to wander over my wife's body. I was watching them as they were doing all this, I got aroused too and we had an awesome threesome and on their request, I left them alone for 2 hours after our first session.
When I came back they were still fucking each other and were getting nasty. They fucked for the whole day while I was watching and all of us got satisfied deeply...