The majesty of the bush

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Epigone75

My last 4 lovers all trimmed their nether hair, one went so far as to be completely hairless - the "Brazilian", she called it. When my current lover picked me up, and she did pick me up, found me at the bar, caught my eye and invited me to her place, I didn't realize I was about to get a full lesson on the majesty of adult female anatomy.
We kissed, we touched one another asses & nipples, but she told me to wait on her bed for her to change before my hands found their way into her wet panties. I stripped and waited, excited, delighted, ready. In a few minutes she returned dressed in a sheer babydoll that ended at her waist. As I looked lower, I saw a full, glorious bush. I realized that it had been years since I had truly seen an adult woman as god intended.
I knelt before her. I worshiped her. I ate her, again, and again, and again until she made me stop and fuck her.
At my moment of bliss, I pulled out and rubbed my penis against her fury mons, cumming thick and wet into that glorious muff.