The Loudest Mind

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

Being well known as a good girl daily, I'm so secretly into online sex: dirty random chats, trading pics... Of course not every night is a success, but the funny thing is that on those unsuccessful nights I even made online friends whom I've never had dirty chats with.

One night, I met this guy who works in the same field as me, and we ended up talking about work and crappy client experiences instead. He seemed shy and harmless, I thought he'd a sub (submissive), so I wasn't interested at first. We talk regularly, just about stuff, like, really "random" talk. He's nice to talk to, and rather talkative - surprisingly, later I knew he has hearing issues and partly communicates in German Sign Language.

But you know what they say about the quiet people - they have the loudest minds.

One night, we were chatting as usual and he suddenly started to be a bit sexual. Didn't expected that. Then, he asked for my nude pics. I hesitated, but then I thought, how many hearing-impaired guys that are cute and charming have you met in your life? 5? Nope, less than that. So I went straight for it.

Apparently I was wrong about him being a sub. I always find leading guys attractive, and he was so dominant! He told me what to do, I was turned on big time. I'm not a sub, but I do love dirty talk and he's the master of it. He called me dirty names, not letting me disobey his instructions, and I like that, to my own surprise.

We still chat and have some fun cam time on Skype regularly, but no more regular chats after that night. Now I wonder how he would do the dirty talk in signs...