The Lodger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Saphrontea

Anja was waiting to hear the squeaking of the gate. It was Sunday morning and she had the house to herself for the day. Her weekend lodger would be back soon from his bike ride. She felt like a naughty teenager although she was in her early 50s. She wasn't sure what had awoken this feeling inside her, she knew it was wrong but it excited her so much... he excited her so much.

TJ, as he liked to be known, had arrived on Friday afternoon. He had booked this single room online for the weekend of his bike ride it was well located and reasonably priced for his last minute booking. Upon arrival Anjas daughter had greeted him and showed him in, it had only been a while later that Anja had appeared to see if everything was OK. She had been in the shower at the time of TJ's arrival. There was something about her slender figure and pretty face and her relaxed persona that had impressed him, he found her very sexy. The fact he was on his own added to his imagination, but deep down he knew this was just a fantasy, this was a married family woman.

Anna's teenage daughter had run inside and innocently but deviously shouted to her mum in the shower, "mum your lodger has arrived, he's got an accent and he is so hot" before she ran back through to her TV channels. Anja couldn't believe how naughty her daughter was becoming, she was growing up fast. Only when she got dressed and popped outside to the little flat to meet TJ did she realize her daughter was being serious. In her half made up state, wet hair, no make up and her casual shorts and loose top with no bra, she now felt slightly embarrassed, especially when she could sense her nipples getting erect. TJ had noticed this straight away but had tried not to show it. They exchanged brief conversations before Anja headed off back inside.

Her mind was racing all sort of thoughts with this stranger she had only just set eyes on, and these thoughts filled the rest of her evening, and continued when she got to bed, her husband sound asleep next to her, but her thoughts were with this man, the lodger.