The Jabberwocky Cafe

A Sexual Fantasy

— By WallE16

I was a bit of an exhibitionist when I was in University and was always jumping my boyfriend in odd places. One night, after hours, we snuck into the Jabberwocky Cafe, a coffee place on campus. We were all over each other, defiling the comfy chairs and pool table, eventually moving to the floor behind the counter. Just as I was coming, he covered my mouth to stifle my scream and put his fingers to his lips to hush me. Just then, in walked a fraternity, ready to hold their weekly meeting. I shuddered under my boyfriend, attempting to quiet myself mid-orgasm! Slowly and silently we dressed. Then waited... 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes... It seemed that the meeting would never end! Finally, we made a plan. He would stand up, say hello, then walk out as if nothing had happened. I was to wait a few seconds, then do the same.

So that's what we did. He stood up, apologized for interrupting their meeting, and calmly left the room. Then I stood up, said hello and goodbye, and trotted out after him. As I left the cafe I heard one brother ask another, "Is there a secret door back there??"