The Hotel

A Sexual Fantasy

— By WallE16

About 6 months ago I started seeing a man. We are both surgical residents on opposite sides of the country. Our days are long and our nights are longer. We spent just two weeks together, me finishing my rotation and he just starting his, at a hospital in the middle of the country. Before him, I had closed myself off to love and intimacy. But he made me feel alive, on fire, happy, and very sexy. I was crazy for him. And then, I left. I thought I would never see him again.

Last week we spoke. He asked if I would meet him in the middle, at a hotel for a long weekend at the end of next month. Suddenly, I ache for him. Every inch of me wants to be touched by him, held by him, kissed by him. When I close my eyes, I see all the ways I want to be with him, before he's gone again - back to the grind, the long surgeries, the sleepless nights. And I will be too - distracted by patients and paperwork and constant exhaustion.

It could be months before I see or hear from him again. But I will spend every quiet moment afterwards remembering how he touched me, how he tastes, how I feel when we are wrapped up in each other. And I will wait for our next hotel date.