The Highway

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kuskuskus

Every day I take the same stretch of highway: 5 kilometres that give me a lot of pleasure.

They are my way out of the city, my escape route from one world to another. On this drive I think, smile, sing, cry, whatever. The road is mine.

Once in a while I take a small dildo out of the glove box and I start to touch myself. I have this weird competition: I have to come before my exit. 5 kilometres to come is pretty fast when there is not much traffic and reasonably fast when it is busier. Anyway, I always succeed. Always. My pussy and clit are conditioned to react to the vibrations of the dildo through my pants. I can moan and scream as loud as I want to because nobody hears me. People generally do not think that you masturbate while driving.

They do their stuff, I do mine. I roar and I rampage and in the end I get bloody satisfaction…..