The Greedy Navel

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

I am a hypodotate. My cock, when it is erect, is about the same length as a phalanx.

My sex life, whatever they say, has been conditioned by my size.

Pussies and asses were wide; I had to do it with mouths and hands.

Until that day.

She was beautiful: green eyes and small marble breasts; long legs and sculpted buttocks.

But above all: a deep navel; she called it "my greedy navel".

She told me that as a teenager, while her friends were masturbating stroking their breasts, she masturbated by putting a finger inside her navel and the orgasm that seemed to start from there cut her breath to prevent her from screaming.

Meeting her was the turning point of my life.

The first time, before I penetrated her, I filled her navel with my saliva and then when I came I could not turn off my excitement by seeing the sperm fill that fantastic hole to the brim.

And it was then that I thought: "Poor men with big cocks; you'll never know what you're missing out on from a greedy navel. "