The Girl from Panama

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mae

The moment I took my flight to Madrid I started thinking about my future. I spent my last 4 years studying Communication in Belgium and now I was heading Madrid to pursue a Masters. I arrived and found my student apartment and realized my landlord only spoke Spanish, no English, French or Dutch, which sucked.

On the very first day of my classes a small girl with long hair, dark skin, a pretty smile and huge boobs was standing meters away from me. I'd never seen something so beautiful before. In my class people decided to go out and she went to the disco, she was such a good dancer. Too sexy to watch. She said she was from Panama, I'd never met someone from there. She corrected me when I asked if it was in South America. I added her on Facebook.

The next week we bumped into each other in one of the metro stations, and everyday I tried to be there at the same time so I could see her there by "coincidence", but she was never there. One night we met at a disco and I asked for her number. Days past and we couldn't stop talking. I was head over heels for her. I was fascinated by her exoticness. One day we had a Christmas party and I spotted her with some friends, thank god I'm tall. At the end I offered to accompany her to the metro, she said yes and gave me a kiss. I got hard. We ended up at her apartment, where we sat in silence on the bed. The  lights went off and we started kissing. Her skin was soft, her lips were addictive. Her skin color contrasted so well with my paleness, her hair dark compared to my ginger hair, her size made her seem fragile. I was too drunk to cum that night but it was amazing, we talked and laughed a lot. The next morning I woke up to a blow job. I came within 1 minute and 5 minutes after that she was on top of me. I came again. She made me breakfast and I said I love you. Over the next months I explored more than I had in 27 years. I still go crazy every time I see her hips.