The Gardner's Tool

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Hi, I'm Pablo, the Spanish gardner on a big estate in Cannes. I'm new here, so I was unaware of the fact that the lady of the house sunbathes and swims nude! When I discovered it, I didn't know where to look, I wasn't used to nudity at all! So, I played peeping Tom, until she noticed, and ordered me to the house. There, things went different than I expected. She ordered me to get out of my clothes, saying: since you have seen me naked, I want to see you nude also. When I was nude, she looked at my private parts, and smiled. Before I knew it, she went on her knees, and started blowing my cock! Hastily, she removed her silk kimono, revealing her beautiful heavy breasts. Soon, my penis was rock-hard, ready for more action. She pushed me on my back on the floor, and lowered herself on my hard-on. She rode me frantically, her breasts dancing in front of my eyes! Suddenly, she came, and pulled my hard cock out of her pussy. Then, she wetted her finger with pussy fluids, and stuck it in her pink rectum! She ordered me to fuck her doggy style, until she had her second orgasm. Then she turned around, and jacked me off, until I came over her beautiful, heavy breasts, covering them in a thick layer of male produce. After, she ordered me to be in her room every Friday afternoon, for some more (s)exercise. I can't wait for next Friday already !