The Former Teacher

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lofty88

So I'm a guy in my mid 20s and I've spent the last few years since college traveling, living abroad, exploring, meeting people and having some great experiences, but I never would have imagined that the most erotic night of my life would take place in my home town! I recently returned home and one night I decided to go out for a few drinks by myself, then in the second bar I went into I spotted the woman who I'd had a crush in my teen years. She was my ex-teacher, mature, beautiful, elegant, smart, sexy and seductive. I hadn't seen her in years but like a fine wine, she'd just gotten even better with age. I never thought anything would actually happen, but I had to say hello, along with being incredibly attractive, she was also a key reason I actually passed my exams, she helped me do what I needed to do to get into college. I could tell she recognized me, but it was one of those instances where she couldn't put her finger on where from. Obviously I was older, but it was more than that, I'd started taking care of myself a lot more since I became an adult, eating healthily, working out, I'd also become a lot move confident. I definitely wasn't the same awkward teenager she had taught all those years ago. She was very surprised when I told her who I was, but rather happy to see me.

So there I was, talking and drinking with my sexy, mature older teacher, I was enjoying myself a lot. I found out she had recently gotten divorced and that she'd recently become a grandmother. It wasn't until she returned from the bathroom that I thought there was anything going on between us other than a friendly chat, but when she returned she had definitely undone one of the buttons on her blouse, showing off her delicious cleavage. From that point on it was obvious where things were going, we flirted, we danced, we touched and kissed each other for all to see and then we were going back to hers. I spent the next week as her lover and I learnt more about sex and the female body in that week than I had in the last 10 years of being sexually active.