The Float Plane Affair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By halfpint

I was in a situationship since I moved to this new town for work. We weren't in love, I didn't really like him, but he drove me to work and kept hard for a long time. He went back to India to visit his family for 6 weeks, and I was alone at last. I, 21F, worked at an airport, mostly handling baggage. The best part was going out on bush planes to help the 72M captain. We got along well, at work and after work. He invited me out for beers with his friends, then he invited me to his place while my bf was on the other side of the world. Things heated up in secret, driving into the woods and when we were out with the floatplane. Once we stopped at a lake and I skinny dipped & he watched, touching himself. He loved fingering my holes, and he even liked when I peed on him in the shower. He never wanted anything in return, I was his princess, treated to gifts and his tongue. Nobody ever found out, not my bf when he returned, not coworkers. It was just so unexpected.