The Flat Mate

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pancho666

When I was 21 I briefly had a relationship with a woman the same age, she was very attractive, very open sexually and so was her flat mate. Her flat mate always flirted, always made sexually charged jokes and on occasion would walk to and from the bathroom in either just her underwear or only a towel. I arrived one Sunday afternoon, flat mate was doing a workout in the sitting room, she looked good, sweat glistening on her skin, I couldn’t help but notice. I sat with my girlfriend having a cup of coffee and a catch up. Her flat mate finished her workout, headed to her room then came back not 2 minutes later in just her sweat soaked underwear to tell us she’s going to shower. 20-30 minutes pass, she has changed into clothes and left to go to work. My girlfriend and I have the flat to ourselves, we head to her room, on the way past her flat mates room, I notice the underwear she was wearing lying on the floor near the open door, I commented on the fact then we continued to the bedroom. Our clothes started coming off, things were getting heated, touching, licking, then she said she’d be right back. She left the room and returned a moment later holding her flat mate’s slightly damp after exercise panties, she put them up to my nose, rubbed them over my face, I could smell, even feel her flat mates pussy, then she wrapped them around the head of my cock that was rock solid at this point, she proceeded to wank me off until I filled the panties with cum. She then handed the soiled panties to me and asked what I was going to do now, so I told her to get on her knees, bent forward so her ass was up in the air and her chest was on the bed, I took the cum filled panties and stuffed them into her eager mouth then I ate her ass and pussy until she exploded! It was a great day, and the relationship, well that ended just as crazy as it had started, we did have some fun though!