The Dutch Girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cupido

When I was 18 years old, I had this beautiful brunette Dutch girl in my class. I had noticed her from the start but told myself to forget about her, telling myself that she liked to party too much and was out of my league anyway. One day, I stayed longer after college, and saw her waiting in front of a closed door, knocking at it repeatedly. When she he saw me, she asked me if I knew whether the person she was looking for was in. "Wait, you’re in my class!", she then said. I blushed and at the same time felt elated that she recognized me. We walked together for a while and she told me what it was like for her to leave the Netherlands to move here. I just listened and didn’t say a word; I was busy enough trying to hide my nervousness and excitement! When we left the college via the backdoor, she suddenly turned around and said: "I want you to kiss me!" "What?!" Before my astonishment even had time to fully rise, she already pulled me toward her and gave me a kiss on the mouth. "Like this!", she said. I forgot myself and kissed her back. We then started French kissing. "May I touch your breasts?", I asked her politely but decidedly after a while. She chuckled and opened her black leather jacket and let my slide my hands under her T-shirt. She didn’t wear a bra. By now, my erection was so hard and my desire for her so intense that I forgot about politeness, and, without asking again, pulled her towards me and grabbed her butt. She not only allowed me to do so, but started unzipping my pants and stroking my penis. I quickly did the same with her pants and then, kneeling slightly, put my penis against her vagina. With a few short strokes, I penetrated her, and with a few more strokes, it was already over and I had come inside her. In embarrassment, I pulled myself out of her and said “sorry…”. I expected a snarky comment from her, but instead, she just gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “Bedankt! See you in class tomorrow!” I sat down on a bench and looked into the sky for I-don’t-know-how long. I hadn’t felt this happy in a long time.