The Dress Up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eric

I have a confession....I like wearing women's scratch that...I LOVE wearing women's clothes. They just feel so soft and comfortable. Girls are so lucky they get so much choice! I just wish I could tell someone about my passion. Unfortunately I don't have my own clothes so I usually just wear my step sisters when she's not home. I was home one day and I heard her speaking on the phone to one of her girlfriends...she was making plans to go out in the day with them. I was also making plans for which of her clothes I was going to try on when she was gone. I waited for her to leave and ran to her room...hmm...should I try on some dresses first or just skip to the lingerie. I think I'll skip to the lingerie. I go to her underwear drawer and it's like looking at hot! There are so many choices...I go with the black lace panties first. These are a little tight....they're exposing my bulge a little too much. Let me try the red ones they look quite naughty. Oh what's that...I hear can't be her, she just left. I hear her coming closer to the room saying..."oh where did I leave my keys". I look over and see them on her dresser...uh oh...she's gonna come in here. I panic around but can't find a safe spot...oh damn I should take off the panties at least...too late. She opens the door and screams "Oh Eric what are you doing, you little creep". I'm sorry I'm sorry I plead don't tell anyone. I was just curious. She's freaked out but she sits on the bed next to me. I hold one of her pillows over my crotch to cover up. She says "I guess it's not that weird if you were what do you think". I'm speechless...did she just ask me what I think of what I'm wearing? "So what do you you like those" she giggles. Ummm...they're comfortable I guess. She giggles again. "Here, why don't you try on the matching bra". She helps me put it on as I smile. "I always did want a sister you know...I wish you had told me sooner we could've had a lot more fun. I think I'll call you Erika" she says. She gets closer to me and seduces me to a kiss...we make out and then have cute sex where she pegs me.